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Date: October 11, 2011

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Every PC unit is designed to make your daily tasks more manageable and convenient.  If not managed or maintained properly, performance can drop drastically and this results to long start-ups, overall sluggishness, freezing or even a system crash. SpeedyPC Pro is designed to eliminate all these threats that may cause errors in your PC’s performance. SpeedyPc Pro is an upgrade on SpeedyPc. There have been some tweats to this program which have made it a better product. It quickly scans your system completely for problems in the Windows database to eliminate junk data and useless files that usually causes the PC to slow down or malfunction. As a result, you get increased speed, eliminate all the error messages that irritate you and erase all desktop or taskbar clutters that can cause some confusion in your operations.

As we add or remove programs from the PC, the database expands and may lead to instability in your system over some time.  Useless keys are sometimes left in the system after we uninstall programs and can graduate to a bloated mess in your database. SpeedyPC Pro takes care of all these for you as you can program it to perform regular scans and clean-ups to keep your computer in tiptop shape for the long term.

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